The Listies Ruin Xmas (Theatre Music)


Music and sound effects to evoke an 8-bit computer game where baubles are thrown at Christmas trees, the magical world of a not-quite-right pantomime, a bean-powered rocket, and the excitement of not falling sleep on the most wonderful night of the year. Listen to excepts below.

Xmas Invaders

Two christmas trees dance through the theatre as everyone throws baubles in the hope that they'll stick on.

Once Upon a Time ...

A cue to take us from the real world of the Listies into the magical land of the panto.

Oh, Woe is Us!

The story begins with a tale of alack and alas; background music to loop indefinitely under the scene.

Mounting Tension!

As events are about to enfold, we needed music to create and endless building of tension before the big moment.